The path to better and even greater health can be simple yet it can also be quite complex. There are so many “experts”, “authorities”, “leaders”, “gurus”, “coaches”, and “planners” that we often end up more confused than enlightened! Everyone has the “answer” but is it the right answer for you?

What should I eat? Should I be a vegan? Maybe a vegetarian? Keto…? Perhaps paleo is for me?  How often should I eat? Once per day? Twice? Three “square meals”? Should I fast? All day? A few hours? Never? On and on it goes. The answers clarify, overlap, complement, contradict, confuse, and even annoy! How are we supposed to know what to do? The answer is simple…and complicated. Doing what is best for you is simple. Knowing what is best for you…now that can be complicated.

You have one life and one body. Your body has needs that may or may not reflect the needs of others. Sure, we all need healthy foods, good/clean water, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals for optimal health but the road diverges in many places. Who is to say what is “best”? Doctors?  Governments? Nutritionists? Some? All?

These are the questions that demand answers. To achieve your best health requires action. Focused…calculated…action. YOU must seek the answers that unlock the doors to YOUR best mind and body.  Your journey will be filled with missteps, discoveries, successes, and failures but it is a journey you must take.

Whose body is it anyway? The answer to that question is simple and direct…it’s yours. Treat it like it is the only one you have because it is. Seek the answers and you will find them!


Here’s to a sound mind in a healthy body!