One-on-One Complimentary Fact Finding Session
Understanding your diet and fitness schedule requires the assessment of your current state of health. I conduct a One-on-One Complimentary Fact Finding Session to discuss the daily practices and health choices of the clients and explore different ways of shifting their lifestyle towards a healthier approach.
One-on-One Nutritional Consulting Service
What to eat? What are the foundations of good health? What vitamins and minerals are required by the body? What happens as we age? These are questions that need to be answered to restore the health of the body. I provide proper individual nutritional consulting to clients to meet their diverse needs. You would feel valued and a proper consideration would be given to your personal nutritional requirements.
Group Presentations/Lectures
You can enroll in the series of lectures offered by me to generate awareness about the importance of health and fitness for the body and how to achieve it. The nutritional knowledge of clients is improved and healthy practices are discussed to make the clients champions of their own health.
Are you unaware of the basic principles of health and fitness? Want to learn about the requirements of a healthy body and mind? I offer workshops covering various aspects of healthy living.
Cooking Lessons
A healthy lifestyle is not only about a healthy diet. You have to incorporate healthy activities to your daily routine. What could be a better activity than cooking? I offer cooking lessons to shift clients towards the knowledge of healthy cooking practices. Making a nutritious meal for you will not only ensure a healthy diet but also make the mind fresh due to an activity like cooking.

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