Are you a sugar addict? Are you trying to cut sugar from your diet but seem to fail because of your intensive sugar cravings? There are many reasons that might be the cause of your sugar cravings. You might be deprived of enough sleep, you might be having too much stress, or there may be an underlying mineral defieciency. Whatever the reason may be, the following suggestions may prove to be helpful in getting rid of such a craving.

 Reduce the stress level

A constant state of stress is never beneficial by any means. Increased stress levels tend to intensify cravings for sugar. Adopting a lifestyle that tends to reduce your stress levels may prove beneficial in fighting your cravings for sugar. Exercise regularly to keep the muscles strong and vibrant and the mind focused. The reduction in the release of cortisol will surely diminish the cravings for sugar.

Get proper sleep

Individuals who are deprived of proper sleep always tend to be more stressed and develop a strong craving for sugars. You should follow a routine which offers enough time for sleep. Getting adequate rest will help keep your hormones balanced and your cravings for sugar will diminish.

Take meals regularly

If you frequently miss meals, your sugar cravings may increase. You should eat regular meals to avoid any unnecessary starving. Eating proper meals will limit your body’s craving for sugar.

Use flavored extracts

Flavored extracts may help combat your sugar cravings. You can use butterscotch or vanilla to the flavor. These extracts will make sure that you get that sugary flavor without developing any craving for real sugar items.